Digital advertising thoughts from the minds at MediaNet

Concerns of fraud and viewabilty are still rampant, despite efforts of the past few years, it feels like the fight on fraud has just begun. Brands and agencies are concerned with where their ads are being seen, if they are being seen at all, and how they can continue to ensure brand safety.  Publishers are equally concerned with maintaining ad revenue, keeping fraud at bay, and keeping premium web experiences for their users. Preventative measures have proven to be the best method of protection so far. Relying on premium inventory, third-party verification, and the know-how to navigate the industry landscape allows buyers to stay one step ahead of the game.

As concerns of fraud and viewability continue to grow, bad players are learning to be increasingly deceptive and multiply at a faster rate. Our industry has overcome numerous challenges throughout the years, and fraud will be no different. Here are some recent examples of how our industry is taking the reigns and empowering peers to take action:

  1. Major organizations are stepping up to the big fight: The 4A’s, ANA, and IAB join in launching the cross-industry Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) to combat ad fraud, malware and piracy1
  2. Our industry will become more vocal about what’s happening: Taking the bold approach, Google surfaces names of the main participants in ad-injection fraud taking place for the past year2
  3. Ad tech players will collaborate for the greater good: Thanks to the efforts of the working group, IAB has announced plans for TAG to compile and reveal a list of fraudulent domains3
  4. Verification is being better defined to establish industry standards: The MRC taking steps towards viewability and ad verification, mobile standards now defined in addition to video/display4
  5. Buyers will continue to demand quality: GroupM and Conde Nast create a deal towards purchasing ads with 100% viewability5

Hopefully, this is just a preview of what’s to come, as buyers and publishers work on both sides to mitigate fraud.  Everyone recognizes that fraud is detrimental, but rather than arguing who has the most to gain, it’s time for our industry to work as a team, turning this into a win-win situation for players who firmly believe in transparency and honesty.  The results of collaboration and greater efforts from all parties will ensure a clean and safe ad tech ecosystem.