Digital advertising thoughts from the minds at MediaNet

  1. Your account manager changes every day: You need to tell them the entire background story all over again.  You aren’t actually sure where you stand with your ad campaign.  Is everything running on time? Are they requesting the same assets for the fifth time and don’t seem to carry over any customer history?  You don’t even know who to call or email.  How frustrating!
  2. You feel pressured to make hasty decisions:  Your vendor is pushing for you to sign an IO, telling you that you can sign a commitment first and then figure our your plans later.  Hurry! They tell you not to worry, but you feel you have many unanswered questions and you don’t even have a general plan yet.
  3. They use so many acronyms your head hurts: SDK, API, DSP, VPAID, MPAID, CPM, DMP, DSP, SSP, CPA, ATD, RTB? Yeah!  If you feel overwhelmed, you should ask your partner to speak with you in simpler terms.  If they can’t explain what they are saying, partners that use too many acronyms may be purposely trying to confuse you.
  4. You want to use third-party verification – but the vendor puts up a big fight: They assure you there is no need, they’ve never had an issue before, and unfortunately, it will take weeks to get something in place. Ultimately, your vendor is trying to convince you not to use verification at all.  What are they hiding? Your vendor should be willing to work with you and your partners, and be transparent if they anticipate challenges and how much time they need to resolve them.
  5. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is: Every top level domain on a preview site list is almost too perfect and your CPM rate is very low. Good deal right? Domain fraud is a major problem. In our industry, you normally get what you pay for. If what you’re paying is drastically cheaper than other vendors, buyer beware!