According to the current MRC definition, an impression is considered to be “viewable” when at least 50% of a display ad is visible for a least 1 second, or when at least 50% of a video ad is both visible and playing for at least 2 seconds. In addition to the MRC standard, a new Google Marketing Platform release makes it possible for brands to define and measure campaigns against a custom standard of viewability.

Active View Custom Metrics in Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager enable advertisers to set their own criteria for viewability measurement against the following dimensions:

  • The required percentage of ad pixels that must be visible on screen (e.g. 100%);
  • The required number of seconds or video quartiles that must elapse while the ad is in view (e.g. 5s or first quartile);
  • In the case of video ads, if audio must be enabled (e.g. video is both visible and audible)

How do I enable this?

Create your settings under Floodlight Configuration in Campaign Manager (CM) and Advertiser Settings in Display & Video 360 (DV360).

Additional reading

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