Digital advertising thoughts from the minds at MediaNet

As the Internet of Things grow in popularity, mobile will one day represent many devices beyond the standard phone and tablets targeted today.  At the exponential rate ad technology is growing, it may only be a matter of time before ads can be served in different mediums: reaching users via their smart watches, google glass and internet integrated cars. We may not be too far away from the ‘future’ seen in a movie such as Minority Report.

Combining the first party data provided by these devices, advertisers will be able to target precise audience profiles personalized with their mood, name, and their very state of mind (and even heart rate!)   The rich data and analytics available will be able to return the exact feedback provided by the users, benefiting the brands in return (i.e. did the ad create a true emotional connection?).

Challenges to consider: How will brands connect with consumers without being intrusive? How will this change our privacy policies?  And how will consumers adapt to the changing advertising landscape?