Digital advertising thoughts from the minds at MediaNet

There are so many advertising options available and it can be daunting to find the very basic information you are looking for. In this series, we will explore various ad options and explain them in easy-to-understand language.

Video ads can be broken down in two basic formats:

Linear Video

  • Popular units are Pre-Roll, In Stream, Skippable
  • These are your video commercials that play within a video player a user has engaged with
  • Often times, advertisers will re-use their TV commercials for a similar experience
  • Example: think of the video ads that play before you watch an online video


  • These ads run concurrently to existing video content
  • The most common unit is the “banner” that floats over top a playing video at the bottom of video player screen
  • Often times, advertisers will re-format their display ads for a unified campaign
  • Example: think of the graphical banner that pops up while you are already watching an online video