Digital advertising thoughts from the minds at MediaNet

There has been a growing desire for Mobile inventory; however, not all advertisers are clear on different types of mobile inventory and ad units available. In the second of the 101 series, we will explore the general topic of Mobile and explain in easy to understand language.

– Mobile devices are identified separate from laptops and desktop computers
– They most often include tablets and smartphones

Mobile can be broken down in three types of inventory:
1) Mobile Web – Regular websites being viewed on a mobile device
2) Mobile Optimized – Websites that have been made specifically for mobile, i.e. often indicated by the m in the URL
3) In-App – Ads that appear inside of a mobile app

Ad Formats
The options have grown immensely from the single 300×50 unit that was first introduced. With HTML5 technology, dynamic rich media ads can now be served across mobile devices. Standard display, social, expandables, interstitials, native, and video, are just some of ad units that can be served on Mobile Inventory.