According to eMarketer, 71.6% of US households are using Connected TV devices this year.  Any TV that is connected to the internet is considered a Connected TV (CTV) device — Smart TV’s, connected devices (e.g. Roku, Chromecast, etc.), gaming consoles with media streaming (e.g. Xbox, PlayStation, etc.), and set top boxes that deliver on demand content.

Advertising on CTV devices allow marketers to connect with audiences on a “lean back” fullscreen TV viewing experience.  Connected TV offers brands the opportunity to engage audiences viewing premium video content, reach cord-cutters who do not watch traditional broadcast television, and execute seamlessly alongside digital marketing programs: combining digital-like targeting with TV.

Formerly classified as desktop inventory, Connected TV devices are now available for targeting and reporting in DV360:

  • CTV devices are now listed under “Device Category” in addition to desktop, feature phones, smartphones and tablets.
  • Inventory: Reserve via programmatic guaranteed deals or private marketplaces; available on YouTube
  • Ad formats: pre-roll, mid-roll, 15 to 30s non-skippable formats [HD 1080p video creative required]
  • Viewability: excluded by default, as Active View is not supported, learn more here
  • Geo: Standard DMA or country-level targeting available
  • Recommended relevant KPIs: Completion Rate, CPCV

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Discover if CTV is available by running inventory availability reports in DV360.

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