Industry forecasts project an increase in global ad spending in 2017, with digital dollars migrating away from desktop to a greater split across devices [1]. The shift in spend will lead to greater consolidation in the ad tech industry [2] and the fight against ad fraud/blocking will continue to evolve [3].

Where exactly is the industry headed this year? We’ve handpicked five key predictions you need to know:

  1. Rebuilding trust and transparency will be the focus of this year. Transparency burst into the spotlight in 2016 when The ANA released their media transparency report that brought attention to contractual relationships and media kickbacks. [4]
  1. The effectiveness of campaigns will be moved into the metrics spotlight. Brands will focus on holistic strategies that drive quantifiable results, concentrating on KPIs that not only measure awareness and exposure, but attributed sales and revenue. [5]
  1. Increased adoption of data science as part of the programmatic workflow. Advertisers will leverage big data via machine learning, user scoring, and predictive analytics, and plan advertising initiatives based on real-time insights for greater relevance. [6]
  1. The number of brands that explore the potential of dynamic creative will increase. The power of programmatic combined with impactful creative will further be explored, leading to more consumer-centric advertising with many variations of ads tailored to audiences versus one basic set of creative. [7]
  1. Video advertising will face re-evaluation by marketers. There will be a decline in traditional 30-second spots, in favor of shorter video ad formats (e.g. 6 seconds) that are more suitable for mobile platforms and fleeting audience attention spans. [8]

2017 will be increasingly fast-paced and brands need to remain agile in order to reach audiences across every part of their journey, stay relevant, and make a lasting connection.