Digital advertising thoughts from the minds at MediaNet

A new app created by Pedigree and Colenso BBDO in New Zealand combines the use of display advertising and pet ownership (source: Creativity Online). When dog owners report their pooch is missing, the app sends out notification ads containing a photo and description within a specific geo-location radius via display advertising.  It’s a fantastic idea and paves the way for our industry to take this to the next level.

Currently, the Amber Alert system which is a public notification of missing children is broadcast on radio and television, and with selected carriers, displayed as a phone alert notification. Why not leverage the same idea as Pedigree and broadcast via display media to immediately show people a photo of the missing child or person? It would allow residents to easily recognize the person and quickly see pertinent information: such as their name, description, additional medical concerns, and allow them to contact local authorities at the push of a button. With a growing number of people always connected on various devices, this is a great way to broadcast quickly and effectively.

What are other ways we can use geo-location for a good cause?  How does this change your perception of geo-location or beacons and push notifications?  We have only recently seen prominent use of beacons in retail and entertainment industries, and with further development, the possibilities are endless.