How could Best Buy introduce shoppers to its new lifestyle product categories [Furniture, Kitchen, Jewellery, Luggage, Fitness, Baby] and drive interested users to its website to learn more about the new offerings? What unique approach could be taken to ensure the campaign offered a high-impact, but user-centric experience?


The goals

  • Raise awareness of six new lifestyle product categories
  • Entice shoppers to learn more about the new products available at Best Buy with visits to related landing pages
  • Evaluate ad effectiveness against industry engagement rate benchmarks

The approach

  • Develop an interactive catalog-style ad that users can explore within the expandable ad canvas
  • Create 6 themed versions of the ad featuring each new product category
  • Test audience and content specific ad theme pairings: site, category, keyword, demographics, interest, lifestyle.
  • Use live data-driven bid response strategies to optimize engagement rate and engagement time

The results

  • Exceeded industry benchmark engagement rates by 29%
  • Exceeded industry benchmark engagement times by 72%
  • Detailed engagement metrics revealed which product categories and messaging intrigued users the most


The details

The Best Buy marketing team approached MediaNet to develop a digital media campaign that would build awareness of its new lifestyle product categories among audiences across Canada. Traditionally regarded as an electronics retailer, Best Buy recognized that an impact-driven creative approach would be key to delivering on the campaign’s upper-funnel goals. Best Buy and MediaNet collaborated on the development of a custom expandable that would deliver a catalog-like experience directly within the ad canvas. Users could intuitively browse featured products in each of the six new product categories and seamlessly click through to related product pages.

Six themed versions of the creative were developed to cover each new category [in both English and French]: baby, fitness, furniture, kitchen, luggage and watches. Among the targeting tactics tested, MediaNet executed a content-aware contextual approach that would display creative themes that paired well with the site content users were browsing. For instance, creative featuring the Baby Products category was placed on Family and Parenting websites.

Custom tracking was implemented to log which categories and areas of the ads users were most engaged with, as well as which products ultimately drove users to visit

In addition to optimizing prospecting, contextual and audience-specific tactics, adjustments were made to further fine-tune the campaign’s engagement efficiency across factors including site, ad unit, browser, day-part and frequency.

Best Buy’s new category launch campaign led to user engagement rates well beyond industry norms:

  • 29% above benchmark engagement rate
  • 72% above benchmark engagement time.

The focus on high-impact creative and prioritizing user experience led to the strong success of the campaign; Best Buy was thrilled with the results.