How could Zatarain’s lift national brand and product awareness of their range of side dishes and drive qualified visits to their website for each product? Which channels, devices and reach strategies would generate the highest level of engagement and how could this be quantified?


The goals

  • Raise national awareness of and interest in specific varieties of Zatarain’s brand rice mixes and side dishes
  • Entice consumers to engage with related product landing pages and additional recipe pages
  • Evaluate ad effectiveness based on level of engagement with product pages (using quantity of pages visited and time spent per page as conversion metrics)

The approach

  • Develop a holistic cross-device campaign that would combine Desktop, Mobile, and Pre-Roll strategies to reach target audiences and measure their engagement path
  • Combine 9 tactics into one fluid strategy to enable live data-driven optimization across the entire program
  • Deploy a targeted brand survey pre- and post-campaign to better evaluate media effectiveness

The results

  • An 85% reduction in eCPA over the three month flight, achieving and exceeding the client’s eCPA goal
  • Exceeded the client’s goal conversion rate by 10%
  • Mobile-to-mobile was discovered as the top conversion path
  • Brand lift surveys showed an increase in both awareness and purchase consideration post-campaign with select audiences showing awareness lifts up to 32.1% post-campaign


The details

Zatarain’s, a McCormick brand, together with its agency, Peter Mayer, enlisted MediaNet to collaborate on a digital media program that would increase likelihood of purchase among women 25-54 within the United States. A portion of the campaign would also be dedicated to increasing flavor awareness of specific rice mixes and side dish products, with the goal of driving qualified visits to product and additional recipe pages on the Zatarain’s website.

The campaign was set to deploy over three main strategies: pre-roll video, standard desktop display, and mobile in-app display—each with additional layers of targeting for a total of 9 tactics. MediaNet and Zatarain’s agreed on a flexible optimization plan that would prioritize driving the highest engagement efficiency regardless of device, channel or specific reach strategy. By abandoning siloed allocations, MediaNet had the freedom to optimize delivery across the entire program according to live data signals.

Early-on, it was discovered that mobile-to-mobile was consistently winning out as the top conversion path for the Zatarain’s audience. By month three, the entire campaign budget had been allocated to mobile-only tactics and the result was an 85% reduction in eCPA over the three month flight—achieving and exceeding Zatarain’s goal.

National awareness and purchase intent surveys were deployed pre- and post-flight to measure the effectiveness of the campaign at generating brand lift. Post campaign surveys revealed lift in both awareness and likelihood of purchase; with select audiences showing flavor awareness lifts up to 32.1%. The campaign also revealed interesting insights regarding the Zatarain’s audience across a multitude of campaign attributes that could be used to guide future planning efforts.