Digital advertising thoughts from the minds at MediaNet

10. Know your specs – What is this being used for? What are the exact dimensions and requirements? You don’t want to redo everything because you didn’t bother to check the first time.

9. Pick a sharp colour scheme – include a few basics with a feature colour for contrast (i.e. blue, light blue, and bright orange).

8. Choose an eye catching font – something with clearly distinguished letters, and a legible font size.

7. Plan your message – make it short and sweet, easy to read at a glance.

6. Include images (if applicable) – pick something that is meaningful, eye catching, and fits your message.

5. Have a strong call to action – what do you want the audience to do? (i.e. download now, sign up now).

4. Remember to have breathing room – avoid the cluttered look.  Have some margin space surrounding your text and/or images.  This helps with legibility and overall feeling your creative conveys.

3. Pick a focal point – whether this is your message, or a button, make something pop with a feature colour to draw the audience to what you want them to look at.

2. Find a balance – the best creative has a nice balance between foreground and background, your focal point should stand out and the rest should harmonize, not fight for attention.

1. Remember to edit – Sometimes less is more, less words, less visual clutter.  Refine what needs to be said so it can be outstanding on its own.