Digital advertising thoughts from the minds at MediaNet

  1. Obsessively check your metrics: You check every morning, afternoon, evening, pouring over every impression and click. Why did your ad perform better yesterday than the day before? Hurry, hit the panic button!
    Solution: Relax! Let the optimization and campaign flight take it’s course. Just as you wouldn’t check your RRSPs every day, you don’t want to do the same with your media. Results will fluctuate.  Waiting a few weeks to look at your metrics will give you a more holistic picture.
  1. Use outdated ad artwork: You paid a designer well over a year ago to create the ads for you and you want to use it for all its worth. It doesn’t matter that everyone in your audience pool has seen the same message repeatedly and the ad creative looks out of date.
    Solution: Give your ad creative a refresh! Times have changed, IAB standards have probably been updated, your brand itself may have undergone some changes. Revisit that artwork and maybe update the colours, fonts, message so that its more up-to-date. Refreshed artwork will look more appealing to your consumers.
  1. Ignore your landing page: Your ad campaign is set to click through to a fancy new landing page, your designer has made the final edits and you are feeling on top of the world. You’ve been told it works, so that means it’s fine.
    Solution: It takes two seconds to make sure your landing page is up and running! Make sure your click-through URL works as it should, and the landing page that displays is relevant and updated for your campaign. There is nothing worse than having an interested user click to land on a 404 error page.