Digital advertising thoughts from the minds at MediaNet

Stuck in a rut?  Here are some ways that might help you get creative inspiration:

  • Listen to music – if you are already listening to music, switch genres. Close your eyes and listen to the beat, take note of each instrument.  Channel your inner Bach and next thing you know, you’ll be ready.
  • Draw, doodle, sketch, write – Jot down anything and everything.  Draw anything that comes to mind.  If you’re listening to music, just go with the beat and let your inner artist shine.  If you don’t like to draw then write! Keywords, adjectives, write it all down.
  • Look at other artists & creative work – browse away, see what you like and don’t like. What are they doing? How is it different than other things you’ve seen? What stands out and what doesn’t?
  • Go outside or change your scenery – sometimes all you need is to sit somewhere different for a new perspective (no pun intended), see what other people are doing or saying, observing with a keen eye is all you need.
  • Do something else – if you are really stuck, and nothing has helped, it’s time to do something else.  Go check your email, grab a coffee, or work on a boring excel file.  After you’ve given yourself a creative break, you’ll be ready to go back in no time.