Digital advertising thoughts from the minds at MediaNet

In an effort to countdown to the start of hockey season, NHL sponsor, Molson has been posting some creative social media posts (source: Marketing Magazine).  They’ve photoshopped a series of interesting images that combine their brand and hockey culture within Canada.

We give then an A for effort, first for coming up with well edited images that are age and audience appropriate for their target market.  Two, for developing a campaign that is not only brand relevant but fits the social medium as well.  These images are easy to share and reflect typical posts you might see in your own social stream.  And lastly, they get credit for diving into pre-season hockey promotions when brands typically sit idle.  By starting early, Molson may be able to garner more online “fans” and further engage during the actual hockey season.  Will a similar campaign continue through the years?  Let the games begin!