Digital advertising thoughts from the minds at MediaNet

Depend, an incontinence proiduct brand, launched a new campaign to bring attention to bladder control issues and defy the stigma that this problem only affects the elderly (source: Media in Canada).  Two components are fantastic and deserve an honourable mention:

The first, a live experiential campaign at Yonge and Bloor in Toronto.  A street-level bright green billboard was the background for people carrying out normal activities with no pants on! Both clever and attention grabbing, Depend must have been successful in causing a stir.  Who wouldn’t do a double-take?

The second, a social media component, Depend is pledging to donate $1 to the United Way Worldwide and The Simon Foundation for Incontinence for every brave pants-drop social image shared tagged #underawareness or #dropyourpants. This is equally clever raising awareness through word-of-mouth and benefiting two great charitable organizations.