Digital advertising thoughts from the minds at MediaNet

With the fast pace of programmatic and results-driven media buying, the tried and true effects of branding and upper funnel marketing are often forgotten.  While many advertisers have focused on how many likes, clicks, and purchases they can instantly drive, it is equally important to give budget to your branding initiatives.  Sometimes it can be tough to step away from a campaign and not have real-time results, however, exposure to your brand is helping to build a longer-term relationship with your consumer.  Disney for example, has excelled at creating loyal consumers through generations (source: Marketing Magazine).  Disney has invested in a trusted relationship with it’s audience for decades and grows its brand presence year over year.

How can you take the next steps towards becoming the next love-marked brand?  Simple tips to consider:

  • Create a memorable campaign that will make a strong impression,
  • Reach out across devices to be omni-present,
  • Simplify your message so it can easily be remembered

Create brand awareness with your next online campaign and stay top of mind by maintaining a steady presence; and you too will be remembered fondly.