Digital advertising thoughts from the minds at MediaNet

You’re taking the big step and jumping into online display!  Here are a few differences in transitioning from traditional print to online advertising:

  1. Pricing: Traditional print advertising is based on a fixed flat rate with an estimated amount of distribution/subscriber base.  Online advertising changes slightly, as you are buying across a variety of websites, there is no fixed subscriber base but there is an estimated audience/impression counts for when you ad could be shown.  In a general sense, the budgets are a bit more flexible online: a lower price would get you fewer impressions, and a higher budget would provide greater exposure.
  2. Audience: With traditional print, you don’t really know who sees your ads, you just run with it and hope for the best!  With online advertising, there is a wealth of information available from first and third party data.  You can target audience based on demographic skew, behaviour and intent lifestyle, etc.  The options are immense!
  3. Medium: Running a print ad you normally select the size your ad occupies: 1/4 page, 1/2 page, full page and if it will be black and white or colour. With online advertising, you would buy ads based on a specific pixel size that gets shown across websites in the same dimensions. Your advertising can also be more dynamic, with animations, video, and interactions to engage the audience.

Ultimately, the differences are not too far fetched and getting a bit of guidance along the way will make things easier.  We recommend starting with the basic information you can find at IAB Canada to learn  more about digital advertising.