Digital advertising thoughts from the minds at MediaNet

An extension of your brand advertising, content marketing is something that can truly give your brand and company “a voice”.  The latest campaign from SheKnows (source: Advertising Week) to launch Hatch: Helping Gifts Find A Voice of Their Own is completely on-brand. SheKnows’s own corporate biography describes themselves helping to empower females through articles discussing women’s issues.  Through Hatch, they are reaching out to a younger female generation and inspiring them to take charge of what’s being advertised to-them.  At the same time, SheKnows is also creating some industry awareness regarding #femvertising to girls in future – a positive change in the works.

What personality does your brand have, and how would you portray it? Does your content make a good impression? Push boundaries? The answers are fundamental to your brand’s extensions: your creative advertising taglines, social media outreach, corporate relations, and everything in between.  In your next content marketing initiative, be thoughtful about which direction you want to steer in and how you would go about getting there to ensure you’re on-target and on-brand.