Digital advertising thoughts from the minds at MediaNet

It seems there is an epidemic, not enough people are using mouthwash – and brands are taking notice (source: Ad Age).  For years, mouthwash has been advertised as a crucial “Step 2” as part of your dental care routine.  However, it’s adoption rate is still below 50% of households today and marketers are realizing that to improve that, they need to change their messaging.

Scope is the first brand to debut a new campaign and changing the traditional ad routine for a new and honest approach.  The new commercial is quick and to-the-point: your breath stinks but using mouthwash will fix that.  There are no fantasies with trips to the dentist, the pajama-wearing star is honest and relatable.  It is refreshing to see the updated messaging. which feels modern and honest.  The short quick format at 15 seconds is perfect for today’s busy audience and also well suited for online video (multi-screen campaign, anyone?).  It will be interesting to see if other dental care brands follow-suit.