Digital advertising thoughts from the minds at MediaNet

A recent study from the Advertising Standards of Canada showed that consumers view some industries as presenting more truthful (honest) ads, than others (source: Strategy Online).  In general, consumers felt that ads for restaurant and travel were more accurate than ads for car dealerships and cell phone providers.   Thinking about the latest ads you’ve seen for the industries above,  which have you felt were most truthful?

A concern for accuracy is growing, as consumers are faced with more advertising, they are more critical of what confronts them. The perfect example is a recent class action lawsuit that won against energy drink Red Bull, claiming that the drink does not, as their slogan says, “give you wings”. Now in general, most people would say, “that’s just a marketing slogan” – but based on the lawsuit, it seems that some angle of truth is indeed expected.

How do you determine the language and tone used in your advertisements?  Do you stretch the truth to make broad claims?  The survey results reinforce that the truth in advertising is of growing importance. Something to keep in mind for your next creative endeavour!