A global study shows that an astounding 86% of consumers are listening to music through on-demand streaming this year. Traditionally, audio ads were only available on radio – but the new frontier of digital audio provides programmatic access to audiences around the globe.  

Advertising on programmatic audio allow marketers to connect with audiences in moments throughout their daily activities in a brand new environment.  Users are listening to streaming radio (e.g. TuneIn), music streaming services (e.g. Spotify, SoundCloud), and podcasts (e.g. BlogTalkRadio) across digital devices such as desktop and smartphone, in addition to connected audio devices (e.g. Google Home). Programmatic audio also allows brands to reach a younger Gen Z and Millennial audience, with 57% users aged 16-24 using a streaming audio service.

Programmatic audio is now available for targeting and reporting in DV360:

  • Ad formats: pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, 15-30s, non-skippable audio formats [.mp3 or .OGG]
  • Companion assets: publisher dependent, audio ad units may include a clickable URL and companion display banner [.jpg, .png, .zip]
  • Targeting: demographic, geolocation, affinity audiences; and on music streaming platforms: by music genre, emotional mood or playlist type
  • Due to the premium and brand safe nature of audio inventory, most deals require a programmatic deal to be setup

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