Digital advertising thoughts from the minds at MediaNet

For a giant corporation like Procter & Gamble, a reorganization of their marketing department was required. With a global workforce, it was time for P&G to think small. Responsibilities were shifted and marketing was turned into “Brand Management” (source; AdAge) to encompass a full strategic position: evaluating the market, public relations, visual identity, allowing P&G to be more agile and focus on its market levels separately.

By thinking small, no matter the size of your marketing team (and company), each individual player becomes a crucial part of the puzzle.  Each person is knowledgeable about their responsibilities across the board and can adapt alongside the evolving market. Not only does this practice eliminate the common excuse, “that’s not my department”, but it also allows each player to become a responsible, knowledgeable, and functioning member.  Ultimately, when it comes time to work as a team, members are able to follow the same corporate standard but weave in unique perspective, creating a dynamic workflow that is equally adaptive and agile as each individual.